James Clarke – New Titles

We’re very happy to have James Clarke on board as an author assisted by Shalva Publications. James is best known for his humour column Stoep Talk. Of the more than 30 books he has written about half are serious environmental stuff and the other half the funny stuff.

He has asked ShalvaPub’s help to resurrect his out of print books by publishing them as ebooks. So far we have done 3 of his humour books:

The Yellow Six – an autobiography which recalls the mostly true and hilarious escapades of six vaguely intrepid Boy Scouts in England during World War 2.

Sex for the Terribly Shy – which takes the Mickey (if you’ll forgive the expression) out of magazines that dish out advice on sex. He claims their editors fail to realise how their sex articles badly shock many, like himself, who were brought up during last century.

Golf – The Funny Side – To understand the evolution of the game read James’ fascinating history of golf which has been widely acclaimed by historians worldwide and far beyond.

For more than 20 years James has been collecting information and anecdotes about the game – mainly contributed by readers of his offbeat daily newspaper column Stoep Talk. Some of it is almost believable and a lot of it terribly useful for those who have to speak at raucous golf club prize-giving ceremonies.

     Yellow 6 Cover 150x200       Sex Cover 132x200     Golf Cover 132x200