We offer the following technical services:

  • creating author’s pages on Amazon and Smashwords
  • formatting and converting your book to electronic format (ebook)
  • listing your book on ebook platforms
  • pricing your ebook – in consultation with you
  • creating links (e.g. for your website and marketing programme)
  • creating a website, Facebook page, and/or blog for your book.

Formatting requirements for ebooks are somewhat different from those for printed books. The main limiting factor is the capabilities of reading devices. These are relatively new tools and still in the early development phase. Much improvement can be expected in the near future. At present ebooks need to be formatted quite simply and consistently. To reformat a document which was meant for printing can be quite a task, especially if the writer was not aware of all the hidden codes today’s word processors may embed in the text. Once a manuscript’s formatting has been prepared it then has to be listed on the websites of internet retailers. This entails supplying all the required information about the book and author as well as uploading the file to be converted by their software into ebook format. This is a fairly simple process but can be quite daunting for somebody trying to figure it all out from scratch. We know the different requirements well and can save you a lot of time and frustration. Unless, of course, you really enjoy doing things yourself and figuring things out – then you’ll love this part of the process.

We list your ebook according to your choice. You may prefer to be listed on multiple online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBook, Sony, Diesel, etc. or you might want a single exclusive listing on Amazon’s KDP Select program. With the KDP Select option your books will only be available in mobi format to be read on Kindle devices. For reaching all other online retailers we use Smashwords as a distributor. Smashwords converts a document to all the different ebook formats which makes your book readable on all readers.

Deciding on the price of your ebook is a vital factor in it’s selling success. In general the price of ebooks is much lower than printed books. The reason is that the supply chain for printed books is longer and more costly than for ebooks. The first big cost for printed books is obviously the printing it self. Then the physical distribution / transportation, and finally the brick & mortar building to house a book shop. All of these are eliminated by ebooks. However, the author of ebooks will incur some of the expenses normally borne by the publisher of a printed book, such as professional editing and proofreading and marketing expenses. So although the royalties from ebooks are higher than from printed books, the self publishing author of an ebook must do some careful calculations in order to decide on a price that will make the book economically viable, and at the same time sell at a reasonable and competitive price.

Once an ebook is listed and accepted by a distributor or retailer, the self publisher must embark on a self marketing process. This is normally done on social media and a dedicated website. For this purpose we assist our authors to link the book’s pages on the retail sites to their own marketing sites, whether on a blog, website, or social media.

We also assist authors by designing new websites or Facebook pages to publicise their books.

Authors who want to sell printed copies of their book (with or without an ebook) can do this through ShalvaPub as well. Our main focus is ebooks, but some authors might also like to do a small print run for local sales in South Africa, possibly including bookstores.