1. Listing an ebook on Amazon
    Text only                                                                         R2 400
    with minor styling & a few pictures                           R3 200
    complex layout with many pictures / graphics        R4 000

    Comprises the following:
    formatting & layout
    listing / uploading
    setting up author’s page
    setting up payment system
    mobi, epub & pdf files for reviewing & marketing
    NB: Author must supply edited manuscript and a high
    quality front cover.

  2. Listing on both Amazon and Smashwords                R800 additional to 1. above
  3. eBook front cover design                                                           R2 100
    (includes two images and two changes)


  1. Converting a manuscript to a print ready file                   R3 600
  2. Converting a manuscript already formatted
    for an ebook to a print ready file                                               R2 100
  3. Printed composite cover design                                                R3 800

    Comprises front cover, back cover and spine.
    (includes two images for the front cover;
    one image for the back cover
    and two changes)


We have access to a large pool of freelance professional editors, whose services we can engage on your behalf. Their rates range between 20 and 25 cents per word.
For example, the cost to have a manuscript of 60,000 words edited will be between R12,000 and R15,000.