Snakes and Angels

S&A Front-cover Web 1000pxIda, a housewife with a comfortable lifestyle, finds love and a strange fulfillment in her relationship with Ben, a paraplegic artist with a taste for the zany. Her body becomes his canvas as the two explore the borderlands between art and dreams. Eventually it is Ida’s turn to become the artist, and Ben’s life becomes her canvas.

A remarkable work, quite original in concept and treatment. A cool but compelling read.” — Lionel Abrahams

His hand holding the paintbrush. The colours. The shapes. The present moment, blissfully finite. The details of his pictures became so much more important than the details of daily life. Ideas, here, could grow into new realities as if they were wild figs growing in fertile soil. But the frustration of never being able to paint beauty as vividly as he saw it in his mind’s eye! Yet the satisfaction when unexpected joy was born from this same limitation, like when the yellow he splashed for the sun turned out to be more golden and radiant than anything you’d see in real life. Benjamin’s whole life was held in his hand when he painted.

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