Blazing Bicycle Saddles


BBS Cover 400x600pxIn 2002, on a whim, James Clarke persuaded five of his friends to cycle with him 1000 km down the Danube from Passau in Germany to Budapest in Hungary. One of them had just reached 70 years of age and none had cycled since his first childhood. They had six months to prepare.

The six are:
Harvey Tyson – author, travel writer and one of the longest-serving editors of The Star.
Richard Steyn – travel writer and respected book reviewer; proprietor of a South African travel website. He was editor of the Natal Witness for many years before succeeding Harvey as editor-in-chief of The Star.
Rex Gibson – author and travel writer. He edited the Rand Daily Mail and was, more recently, deputy editor-in-chief of The Star.
Peter Sullivan – recently retired editor-in-chief Independent Newspapers and an inveterate traveller who also writes about travel.
James Clarke – author, columnist and travel-writer for various journals.
Alan Calenborne – retired CEO of an international company involved in parking and tollgates – he is expedition photographer.

Since it was such fun it became an annual institution and the the first 6 tours are recounted in hilarious Clarke style in his book Blazing Saddles – The truth behind the Tours de Farce. This was published by Jonathan Ball in 2007. Sadly this book is now out of print.

Fortunately an eBook version was published in 2011 with the title Blazing Bicycle Saddles.

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