James Clarke

JC Portrait 2 webJames Clarke was for 30 years a science writer writing grown-up stuff for South Africa’s foremost daily newspaper, The Star in Johannesburg. He mostly dealt with environmental matters, urban and rural. He also wrote a natural history column in the Saturday Star for 35 years.

In 1992 the Chief Editor of The Star persuaded him to switch his attention to writing a daily humour column and from then he has enjoyed journalism as never before. The column is called Stoep Talk (a stoep being the Afrikaans word for veranda or patio). Nowadays it is a regular feature on IOL, a major South African online newspaper.

James also writes for various journals and have had 27 books published since 1969. His books fall in three broad categories: environmental affairs, history and humour.

Being a natural LEADER (and very modest about it) he is the moving force behind (and sometimes in front) of the Tour de Farce. The TdF is an annual bicycle expedition by 6 retired gentlemen into darkest Europe to taste their beer and learn about the natives’ strange culture.

The following ebooks by James is currently available:

Blazing Bicycle Saddles

Recalculating – the lighter side of travel

The Yellow Six

S*x for the Terribly Shy

Golf – The funny side

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